Crocz... Crocodile Clips / Clamps / Pegs with Moving Jaws

by Thingiverse
Crocz have moving jaws that bite... they're great for clips, pegs and a bit of fun. This is a quick and easy print. There are two versions... one without designed in support (i.e. no support necessary) and one with designed-in support where required.

(1) The 'Crocz' file version has legs that protrude out the sides so there is designed in supports for this that should peel away easily after printing freeing the jaws to start snapping.

(2) The alternative 'Crocz - no support' file' has straight/flat sides with recesses to represent the shape of the legs. This will print faster and is the file to use if you are concerned about the designed in support slicing/printing well for you.

Refer to the instructions and images for additional print information...


(1) This design is the same principal as my 'Sharkz' ( but with more detail... textured back and legs on the 'designed in support' version

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