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Conveyor belt on wheels 500x3600mm

Conveyor belt on wheels 500x3600mm

by GrabCAD
Material frame construction - stainless steel AISI 304.
Straight lengths - 3 600mm.
Fences - 70mm board.
Closed bearing assembly.
Work surface material - PVC tape food, width - 800mm.
Housing width - 900mm.
The surface under the belt - conveyor housing (on the plane).
Conveyor height from the floor to the level of the tape - input 950 ± 100 mm.
Released 1225 ± 100 mm.
Distance between supports - 2000mm
Reliance on castors with brake.
Drive - gearmotor Italy - 1 pc.
Belt speed - 25 m / min with variable speed.
Location gearmotor - from the side of the conveyor.
Movement of these products - Washed green peas.
Control cabinet with frequency converter for speed control (Start Stop).