Closet 1 3d model
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Closet 1

Closet 1

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 11 months, 2 weeks ago
Its a fine small closet with 4 drawersmade in 3dsmax ideal for architectural renderings in HD and 4K.

All shaders are vraysaders with bump mapings and diffuse mapigs.

Additionally it includes a spherical surrounding map for realstic specular and reflection.

diffuse1: 1921x1920 pixels
diffuse2: 1745x174 pixels

All parts from the closet are seperatly selectable so you can open the drawer easy.

The scaling is in meters
x: 0,5m
y: 0,4
z: 0,89

You will get 3 collors of the model (white, wooden, black)

The initial-picture needs 4.16 minutes to render in 2220*1200 on a AMD 1950 Threadripper.16/32

Watch out my other items too...!