Classic Wardrobe

by TurboSquid
This is a realistic model of wardrobe.V-Ray render and materials.Only quads and tris polygons.All maps are included. All objects have materials.All objects are named, all objects have 100% scaleNative format: 3Ds Max 2009.additional file formats:FBXOBJMaterials are used only in 3Ds Max and FBX files.The OBJ version has no materials, but the OBJ archive contains all the textures.Includes 2 versions of the model in the format of FBX:- Turbosmooth OFF- Turbosmooth ONThe light rig/HDRI is not included.Textures Formats:JPEG (.jpg)-(2) 1000 x 1000-(1) 2500 x 2500-(1) 1978 x 1992