Character tower generator

by Thingiverse
You may input any text to generate your own tower. For example, π, root of 2, and so on. Of course, you may write a love letter and generate a tower for your lover. That might be a really special gift. :)
The number of letters determines the height of the tower. The more you input, the higher it is.
If you want to print it easily, set the inner_wall parameter to "YES". It will add an inner wall with the thickness of the half thickness value. When setting inner_wall to "NO", it's better to use numbers or uppercase letters.
Just leave the bottom_symbol empty if you don't need the bottom symbol.
Leave several blanks if you want all characters to be shown over the bottom.
Using non English characters needs a correct font. If you want to do that, download the .scad source file and use OpenSCAD on your computer. You have to modify the source code of the tower_of_characters module according to the font you use. You may take a look at the tower_of_chinese_characters module for reference.
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