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Castle Building Pack #1

by Blend Swap
Made in Blender 2.64 testbuild 2Welcome to Reaper798's Castle Building pack #1!!In this, I have provided as many models andvariants of models to create the exterior of a castle.First, these peices are "snap-ready" meaning,they can fit together perfectly when using the snap to gridtool. (hold CTRL Button + click and drag mouse)Note: They are untextured and have no materials.These models are very low (game) poly and aresimple to manipulate.In a short time, I will produce the sequal packsfor building the internal stuctures, such asthe castle itself and the "village" stuctures. As wellas many interior objects, maybe some landscapes andother objects for scenery.Enjoy this pack, feedback is greatly appretiated. :)-GhostFox22 (Reaper798)