Caledonian Airways - Airbus A320-216 - 2015 (F)

by 3DWarehouse
many things are going to change with this model!

Things are getting busier and i feel bad for not doing more on all my airlines.
So i decided to create one main airline with subsidiarys.

Its called Caledonian Airways and is headquarterd in Edingburgh,scotland.
We also have a large hub at Gatwick.

British Continental and Pan EU will no longer operate and Highland Connect will be Caledonians regional subsidiary.
I am not too sure what to do with British Caribbean though.

I am also going to discontinue Etravia. I cant acess the nation states account anymore and it seems too much having Etravia and Neul(Cygnus INTL is coming on good and i might beable to upload a model for it soon :D)

I'm really sorry to anyone who likes these airlines and anyone can take ownership of any of them if you like :)

This aircraft is a relativly new Airbus A320-216 built in 2014. She is regestered G-CVCE and named "River Spey".
Caledonian has 22 A320-216's (including this one) and all are registed G-C*CE the star being an indvidual letter.

Thanks to AirbusA330 for the new A320 template :)