C9A46 5.56mm PDW

by GrabCAD
Found this little gem on . Original author is unknown but I found some specs to go along with it. Doesn't appear to be functional yet.


dimensions (loaded – with sight): 500 x 30 x 210 mm [the sight is 36 mm wide]
weight (loaded – with sight): 2 kg
ammo: 5.56 x 45 mm NATO
barrel-length: 228 mm (9'')
rifling: 1 turn at 9"
magazine: 20 rounds (optional 30/100 rounds)
trigger: DAO
firing mode: semi-auto (optional also full-auto)
safety: none (optional trigger-safety)
muzzle velocity: 700 - 800 m/s (depending on ammo)
muzzle energy: 1000 J (depending on ammo)