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Buick Riviera '72 Boattail

Buick Riviera '72 Boattail

by 3DWarehouse
Last crawled date: 2 years, 6 months ago
The automobile industry has yielded memorable and not-so-memorable cars throughout its short history. Each generation of automobile models has, for one reason or another, found itself nestled within its own clique: loved or hated, niche group or broad appeal. Such is the case with the 1971-'73 Buick Riviera, a car that some question while others gaze lustfully upon. The Riviera's boattail is one design element that has been on the drawing board for far longer than anyone would care to recall, seen most notably on Auburn Speedsters. Few realize or would dare to admit that, in its basic form, the boattail shape fell upon the 1963-'67 Corvette, thanks to Styling Director Bill Mitchell.Mitchell had long been a fan of the classic styling, and its modern interpretation with the dramatic fastback roofline combined with a low stance was kept alive by his encouragement, eventually pressed into the styling room over at Buick sometime after 1968. The end result is perhaps one of the most classic, yet controversial, Buicks ever to leave the assembly line for three solid years. Fortunately for you, acquisition of the stylish and sporty Mitchell design is still within reach.