Buechel Stone Fond du Lac Ledgestone - Architectural Thin Veneer Stone and Full Stone Veneer Masonry 6x6

by 3DWarehouse
Buechel Stone’s Fond du Lac Ledgestone, Fond du Lac Tailored Ledgestone, Gray Tailored Ledgestone, Stratford Cross Tailored Ledgestone, & Titanium Tailored Ledgestone make up the 'Arctic Color Tone – Ledgestone’ collection. Buechel Stone’s Fond du Lac Ledgestone, Fond du Lac Rustic Ledgestone, Mill Creek Tailored Ledgestone, Titanium Tailored Ledgestone, & Vintage Gold Tailored Ledgestone make up the 'Honey Color Tone – Ledgestone’ collection. Ledgestone was used by early American settlers for foundations, chimneys, and walls; as there was nothing in the way of regular and systematic stone production or master masons in the area. The thin layers made for easier installation and required less skilled masons as the low heights were easier to course. Our Ledgestone Line of natural stones revives this look using stone pieces with a rise of 4 inches and lower. Rustic in finish, the end results give a time-honored American finish to any building, fireplace, or interior accent wall.

Buechel Stone has developed an Architectural Center (http://www.buechelstone.com/architectsMasons.php) for all of your specifying and design needs. Using the Citrix ShareFile format, you can log in and get the most information about Buechel Stone's products all in one location. Download high resolution swatches for your project details, create customizable 3-part specs, view product test data, and also get access to our full, 300+ page architectural binder in pdf format. If you do not have log-in information, email Holly (holp@buechelstone.com) and she will set up your account. Include your e-mail address, first name, last name, and company. Buechel Stone will not share your information with any other party.

Although it's not quite as comprehensive as our Sharefile Architectural Center (http://www.buechelstone.com/architectsMasons.php); designers - architects, engineers, students - can now easily find, preview, and download high quality wall detail DWG files and Buechel Stone specific BIM content from our manufacturer page on Autodesk Seek (http://seek.autodesk.com/buechelstone), or uploaded into the content library provided with Revit Architecture. All of Buechel Stone's full and thin veneer products, along with our cut stone colors, are sorted in color tone - pattern collections in Autodesk.