Brushless Motor Tube Mount (12mm tubes, 22xx & 18xx type outrunners)

by Thingiverse
For my latest FPV mini quad build i wanted to use tubular carbon fiber arms. For this project i created a set of motor mounts for 12mm od tubes. The most popular motor sizes in the 200 - 300mm class are 18XX and 22XX. So there are 2 Versions available:
18XX: M2 mounting holes; 12 and 16mm spacing
22XX: M3 mounting holes; 16 and 19mm spacing
The mounts include a protected cable guide to the inside of the tubes. A 50mm LED stripe segment can be mounted as orientation lights.
For minor changes feel free to contact me!
Update 04/29/15:
-New V1.3 files with minor changes
-Added 22XX Mount w/o Bumper/LED Holder