Bowden mount, optical autolevel and direct drive extruder for the Wilson TS or similar I3 based printer

by Thingiverse
Here are my modified Wilson TS parts. (

I have done the following modifications:
Replaced Wade type direct extruder with a Bowden extruder to minimize weight on the moving parts. For the mount, I used a design inspired by, rebuildt it from scratch in solidworks to make even better airflow, and make it fit a E3D V5 chinese clone hotend (which is a pretty good hotend, when treated right).

The extruder was inspired by rebuildt the base to make it easy to mount on the side of the wilson. My design uses a MK8 drive gear.

I also added auto bed leveling inspired by, also rebuildt from scratch, modified it to use a printed part and a M3 machine screw as rod. It's lighter and easier to make. The system uses an optical switch, and is very accurate indeed. The spring is optional, but if you use one, try to find a soft spring. It does not need to do anything but gently push the rod out. (Gravity will actually do it without the spring).
The design uses a SG90 9G micro servo. They are easy to find, cheap and works very well.

Any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.. I will try to answer as soon as I see them.

To make the autolevel system work in Marlin, I highly recommend Zennmasters excellent instruction video at

Here's a video of it autoleveling:

Happy modding,