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Bolt M3 with Dynamic Length

Bolt M3 with Dynamic Length

by Blend Swap
Changelog:added another 3 caps for boltadded nut, washer, locking washerIntroduction:Probably sometime You will need highly detailed bolt for Your scene. This file provide high poly bolt, nut, washer and locking washer with 3mm screw diameter. Main advantage - You can very easy get bolt with any length.How to use:All that You need is on layer2 (layer1 - scene, layer3 - some underground of this blend file). By resizing curves "base.000" or "base.001" You can control length of bolt "M3.000" (if not - select "M3.Bolt.000" and hit "Tab" on keyboard twice). To change top cap - select object called "M3.Bolt.Cap", go to "Object Data" tab in "Properties" window and change mesh to any other with name "M3.Bolt.Cap.00*" (if nothing happens - select "M3.Bolt.000" and hit "Tab" key twice).Finishing:When You get bolt that You needed - make duplicate, remove doubles of vertexes (in edit mode) and add "subsurf" modifier for it.IMPORTANT: Blender work incorrectly with small objects, so when You will use "remove doubles" - You may lose some vertexes that is not in same place but anyway will be merged in one because they near to each other. Don't know how to solve it.P.S.If You found some problem or have ideas - let me know in the comments.