BlackBerry Storm 2 9520

by TurboSquid
The max .zip contains 3 files:1:v ray renderer 1.5 RC5 setup and materials.Includes Vray-materials.2: Menatal Ray renderer set up and materials.Includes Menatal Ray materials.3: In the folder'maps' you will find all the maps and the HDRI, used for rendering.Based on subdivided geometry (turbosmooth).No smooth: 40.665 vertices, 41.917 polygons.With Turbosmooth on: 192.145 vertices, 350.788 polygons.All preview images are from the vray scene.Only the last 2 are from the mental ray scene.NOTE: Vray is required for the first Max scene. The .3ds,.obj,.fbx formats are geometry only (no maps),there is only texture Mapping coords.No materials attached.You can take the maps from the .max.zip. and use them.