Berlin Pariser Platz 1989 3d model
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Berlin Pariser Platz 1989

Berlin Pariser Platz 1989

by TurboSquid
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High quality 3D model of the Pariser Platz in Berlin and its surroundings in the year 1989.

Germany as well as Berlin was divided in a western and an eastern part by the inner german border of which the Berlin Wall formed a significant part.
This 3D model is a digital reconstruction showing the situation on the Pariser Platz in 1989, before the fall of the Berlin Wall made possible the peaceful reunification of Germany.

Included are highly detailed accurate 3D models of the Brandenburg gate with the famous Quadriga in the state of 1989, the Academy of Arts (Akademie der Kuenste) located on Pariser Platz Nr. 4, of several buildings located north of Pariser Platz on todays Dorotheenstrae, the VDI-building (VDI means Verein Deutscher Ingenieure / Association of German Engineers), the Berlin wall, a sentry tower of the late variant with a square ground plan, as well as lots of smaller structures like realistic
street lamps (three variants), street signs, railings, fences, gates, road blocks disguised as flowerpots etc. Included are twelve similar but differently shaped tree models (linden trees).

The complete scene consists of 485198 polygons and 669173 vertices.

- completely polygonal, only quads and some tris
- no n-gons
- completely texured
- all textures and materials applied
- no overlapping uv-faces
- no isolated vertices
- no part name confusion
- no cleaning up necessary
- no third-party software necessary

Textures are in .png format.
Texture size varies from 512x512 pixels for small items up to 4096x4096 pixels for large structures.