Bell Agusta BA-609 N609AG rotorcraft 3d model
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Bell Agusta BA-609 N609AG rotorcraft

Bell Agusta BA-609 N609AG rotorcraft

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 11 months, 2 weeks ago
This 3d model was created with blender 3d 2.79 version.Rendering previews created with blender default render.There is one texture 2135 x 2135 png for fuselage and for engines.On texture there are doors,windows and stripe details.Objects named by object and by material.Objects detached,pivoted but not rigged,such as rear wheels,wheel lids,engines,flaps both for wings and for tail wings.There are no interior object for this product.If you need to correct my 3d model or use as lowpoly model,please use blender file and remove subsurface modifier.Enjoy my product

3ds file
verts: 215532
polys: 71844

obj file
verts: 38962
polys: 71844