Bell 204 Madison County Sheriff 3d model
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Bell 204 Madison County Sheriff

Bell 204 Madison County Sheriff

by TurboSquid
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This model was built near to scale. The model is fully textured. It comes with all materials and textures as shown. The main rotor and tail rotor are animateable. The side loading doors and crew doors can be closed and opened to reveal some good detail in the cabin and cockpit. The pilot and copilots seats include the armor and controls. The instrument panel is viewable from outside of the model. The rotors are somewhat detailed. The cabin includes the military light seats. These models come in several formats for immediate downloading.

The Bell 205 was a civilian version of the Bell UH-1B Iroquise developed for the corporate, civilian, commercial, government agency and law enforcement in the US and other countries. It does not include the armor around the pilots seats and military communications equipment but is variably equipped with nice seats, and passenger accomodations, medical equiment for trauma victoms transport, search lights, loud speakers, special lift cranes, rescue baskets and equipment, depending on mission and operator.

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