Bedini Motor with permanent Magnets combined with Low Lenz Generator

by GrabCAD
Hey Folks !

This is my christmas gift for the world !! I put all my knowledge into this project and finaly it looks good for me.

The core is basicly a bedini engine controlled by a standard bedini circurit. I use only the guy anchor of two fans. The difference is instand of using this silly low power magnet strip which is used in a fan i use powerfull 3,9kg neodym magnets.This give the system much more power ;) It runs great but i can't provide any mesauring data yet because i am building the second part, the generator. After this i will provide at my page a fully desciption of my mesaurings and other details.

The system is designed to be strong and low coast. Just need a 3D printer and the rest you can order in a model craft shop. Like the shaft and bearings from a model chopper.

Again this is a open source project. Feel free to cover and explore. It would be nice if you leave a comment too !

Have some great peaceful christmas, cya