BKid Spirit 300 3d model
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BKid Spirit 300

BKid Spirit 300

by GrabCAD
Last crawled date: 7 months, 3 weeks ago
The design of these Spirit and Spirit 300 concepts brings homage to “Le Mans” racecars from the Sixties. The fluent bodywork of these Classic racecars suits the green house very well.

In addition I add visual extremely pronounced wheel arches with contemporary fading away lines. The car’s impressive front and flow trough bodywork are inspired by today’s aerodynamic Formule-E concepts. In the midsection the belt line is visual take over by the Air Inlet, helping the eye follow the lines of the bodywork from front to rear.
The red coloured spoilers underlines the Air-flow trough the car’s bodywork.
I had difficulty to implement the wide rear lights in the MK1 version. However I am pleased with the final result in which the rear lights are presented in a fluent diffuser style framework to accentuate the light design and exhaust placement.

The result is fluent but extremely dynamic.

This is the Speed version of the regular Spirit including a huge vin and a parachute storage below the exhaust pipes. The colour scheme is inspired by the U.S Air force F16 in white, red and blue. This because the green house reminds me of that particular fight jet. However, it looks great in other colour schemes also!

The regular Spirit features an unique eye striking spoiler, see BKid Spirit.