Azalea Japonica

by vizpark
Azalea Japonicais the first set of 10 shrubs from the upcoming Real Shrubs bundle. The 10 model variations include different sizes, four different materials, with or without flowers and they can be further randomized and varied with the GrowFX plugin (available separately). Formats include 3DS MAX, CINEMA 4D, FBX and OBJ, plus support for the renderers vray, corona renderer, octane render, scan line and mental ray (all 3DS MAX) and vrayforc4d, octane, corona and Advanced Render for CINEMA 4D. The models of Azalea are based on a GrowFX procedural model and includes 10 model variations, four material variations (white, violet, pink and pink-white). The textures include 2 variations for each leaf and flower petal, scanned from real world plants. All models are prepared as scenes for each renderer and libraries for CINEMA 4D (including variations for each renderer as well). So you just need to drop or merge the model you need into your scene and render.