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Ash-tree Fraxinus V2

Ash-tree Fraxinus V2

by Free3D
Last crawled date: 3 months, 1 week ago
Deciduous tree Ash 16.4 meters high.

A trunk with branches and foliage are separate objects. If necessary, you can remove the leaves partially (randomly select subobjects in the ribbon panel) or completely (for a bare tree as in the preview), or draw VertexColorMap. In the scene there are four cubes with different materials for the ash tree according to the seasons:
- summer;
- autumn;
- summer-autumn;
- late autumn.
For the last two, draw vertex maps on channels 2 and 3, respectively. To do this, apply the VertexPaint modifier to the foliage, fill the model with black and a white brush about 2000 mm in size, draw areas where there will be green (for the summer-autumn option) or red (for the late autumn option) leaves. Added screenshots to the archive. Then through CoronaLayeredMtl mix the desired types of foliage using the vertex map as a mask. Thanks to CoronaMultiMap, CoronaColorCorrect, and vertex maps, you can customize foliage shades to your liking.
FBX and OBJ without materials, material library (Corona) file in the archive with textures.
Done in GrowFX2.