Arteriors Decor Omega Octavia Apollo

by 3ddd
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Omega Small Wall Plaque
D: 7.62cm Dia: 40.64cm
Omega Medium Wall Plaque
D: 6.35cm Dia: 50.8cm
Omega Large Wall Plaque
D: 3.81cm Dia: 59.69cm
Circular wood discs that have been scored with straight lines then clad in antique brass sheet. Three saw tooth hangers on the back allow you to angle them so they can have different directional patterns--vertical, horizontal or diagonal. They are designed so that the largest sits closest to the wall, the medium is further from the wall so it can overlap the large size and the smallest one can overlap both. Use multiples to create an entire wall installation.
Octavia Small Wall Plaque
D: 11.43cm Dia: 76.2cm
Octavia Large Plaque
D: 7.62cm Dia: 114.3cm
Round carved sunburst style wall plaque has a metallic silver foil finish. Hang alone or group with others.
Apollo Small Plaque
D: 8.89cm Dia: 30.48cm
Apollo Medium Plaque
D: 6.35cm Dia: 45.72cm
Apollo Large Wall Plaque
H: 60.96cm D: 3.81cm Dia: 60.96cm
Circular disk wall plaque of mango wood with ridged brass foil overlay in metallic silver finish. Hang alone or group with others.

The model is based on the original manufacturer dimensions and technical data.

Materials and groups are named the same, as the model.

Instance geometry, one multi-submaterial for model for easy change or setup.

Object at 0.0.0, clean and light scene.