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Art Print Prop for Anya s Office for  Lunatics

Art Print Prop for Anya s Office for Lunatics

by Blend Swap
This is a framed museum-style art print for Anya's office. The painting itself is by C.W. Eckersberg, titled "The Russian Ship of the Line 'Assow' on the Roads of Elsinore" and was released under CC Attribution license in 2012 by the Statens Museum for Kunst (a.k.a. National Gallery of Denmark).Of course, you'll very likely want to change the art print itself. I've included the SVG source code for this so this is easy to do while retaining the 'art print' concept.The frame is a fairly simple, minimalist design. The surface with the print has been given a glossy finish to simulate a glass plane over the print, although in fact it is a single surface in the model (I tried making a separate glass layer, but this didn't work out very well).This is also a prop for "Lunatics" ( http://lunatics.tv ).