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Arrow Airlines Boeing 747-4AR

Arrow Airlines Boeing 747-4AR

by 3DWarehouse
Some people don't know why we have costomer code on this plane. This was leased from Arrow to Green Jet. That caused us to have the costomer code. So it is going to be 747-4AR. That is a change to Arrow Airlines. Arrow has joined SkyTeam so we have Decknar, PSS, GMA, Sweedish, Delta, Aeroflot, and more. It is kind of confusing that Arrow looks like Delta. So Delta has to leave. The 74 is powered with the General Electric CF6-80C2 engine. We felt that we should have the GE engine on the 744. This one has a GE CF6-80C2 engine, of course. The PW and the RR engine will not power the 744. The 11 Trijet is powered with the GE engine or PW. That 11 is made by Mcdonnell Douglas. Range we had on deck. Arrow and Decknar has both GE on their 744's. This is our oldest 744 we had N744AR. This was made in 1987 in Liberty Airlines livery. That was shortly after the merger. N865LB was this 744. Sadly we had to repaint over that livery. Liberty is now Arrow!! In Nov 8, 2009 that was repainted. We anouced that we will replace it with the mondern 747-8i that will be in service over 30 years. We might cancel that order. Or we can get the 748 but keep the 744. Thanks to Kraft for the B747. Comment And Rate. ©2014 Phil Rinella