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Apartment Building 06

Apartment Building 06

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 4 months, 3 weeks ago
Detailed 3D model of an urban apartment building. Suitable for high resolution close-up. Real world scale.

The model is fully textured with daylight system - vray sun and sky. Lights and cameras are included in the file.

The model is composed of different separate objects. All objects have names and are organized with layers according to type of object and material. The model uses vray materials.

Textures include diffuse, normals, occlusion, specularity and bump maps, in PNG format and in JPEG.

**Textures Resolution:**

Stucco(3): 3000x3000 3000x3000 3000x3000

Stone(2): 7400x4900 3072x3072

Wood(1): 3000x3000

Asphalt(1): 4096x2048

Cobblestone(1): 8192x4176

Concrete(1): 3000x3000

Metal(1): 4096x4096

Roof Slate(1): 4096x4096