An Unborn emotion

by GrabCAD
We are a team of Six students studying at university at buffalo and guided by professor Chi Zhou.
Team Members include
1)Raj Hemani
2)Chetana Hosakote Satish
3)Rakshitha Doddanaari Shamakumar
4) Vikas Subramanya
5) Shivani Rabra
6) Xin Wang

We are a group of students studying in a country away from our families which are poles apart.
In the process of starting new independent lives, our mother was the one we missed the most. It is rightly said that true value of anything is realised when we no longer possess it. Her sagacious words, her care, her guidance, her love was something we missed a lot. Inspired by the bond that we share with our mother, we designed a simple piece of jewellery which reminds of her, every minute of our lives.
Our design includes a choker, a chain and an attached pendant embodying a baby within the womb.
The choker is designed like a DNA, showing the unbreakable relationship that the mother and the child share. Scientifically, DNA stores biological information, the two strands of DNA run as a spiral helix in opposite directions. So, our choker is designed to show the deep, unexplainable connection between the mother and her child. When this DNA is organised into long structures it is kenned as chromosomes. perhaps this is the by- product of spiritual and physical bonding between the two. So, we decided to make a neckpiece that depicts the bond shared between the mother and child. She not only gave birth to us, but she was reborn with us, it was her second innings more than a mother, a friend, a guide, and an edifier.
From the day she is carrying, the mother and the baby are not just connected by an umbilical cord, but they become a part of each other, physically and emotionally for the rest of their lives. This attachment is well depicted in our pendant, which shows an unborn. The shell in which the baby resides shows mother’s womb, how the mother protects her baby before the baby is born. When the baby resides in her womb, she acts like a shield to protect him/her and when the baby is born, she acts like a strict teacher to help him/her walk the path with all the wisdom and confidence.
The chain that we designed along shows the way a child trusts her mum and holds her hand with his/her little fingers. The tiny fingers are entwined tightly to the mother’s fingers, which availed the child to move forward in life with utmost confidence. The chain shows the strong and unbreakable bond between the two.