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Al Fahd - AFRV

Al Fahd - AFRV

by TurboSquid
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Al Fahd - AFRV

High quality accurately detailed model with all maps and materials included. Modelled in 3ds Max the level of detail and polygons can be increased or decreased by adjusting the Meshsmooth modifier.

Detailed M60 machine gun is also included.
All vehicle parts are named and grouped. All openings are grouped, pivoted and ready for animation.
The Subdivision amount Iteration can be adjusted to increase or reduce the model's detail for extreme close-up or faraway renders.
Previews were rendered with Vray with Subdivision anmount Iteration at 2.


About Al Fahd

Al Fahd is the first armoured vehicle designed and built in Saudi Arabia. It is an eight-wheeled armoured vehicle used by the Saudi Arabian National Guard
The vehicle is able to negotiate natural and engineered trenches to 2,500mm and 2,000mm
Al Fahd is able to negotiate side slopes to 55%
Over very rough terrain and in negotiating large obstacles, the combined gas and hydraulics suspension system provides a very smooth and comfortable ride.
Al Fahd can both climb and descend gradients of 80%
Wheels were selected rather than a tracked system because they provide better manoeuvrability on both roads and rough terrain
An amphibious system is available for the Al Fahd armoured reconnaissance vehicle which is water-sealed and airtight