Airport runway and taxiway modules (with examples) 3d model
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Airport runway and taxiway modules (with examples)

Airport runway and taxiway modules (with examples)

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 1 year, 2 months ago
Set of modules of airport runways and taxiways enabling to assemble any orthogonal based airport with use of only one texture and still holding a high level of detail.

Each module is real world size modelled, fit into the square 100x100meters. Runways are 60meters wide, taxiways with side concrete strips are 30meters wide. Grass surroundings can be easily switched by any other type of terrain in the texture (there is a reserved field for it) or just cut off.

With the model is provided diffuse and normal texture in two sizes. 4096x4096px and 8192x8192px which makes model possible to use both in scenes with close lookups or sighting from a distance.

Set contains following parts:
- Parking
- Parking border
- Parking left exit
- Parking right exit
- Parking T cross (junction)
- Parking corner
- Parking cross (junction)
- Runway blast pad
- Runway left end
- Runway left end - no blast pad connection
- Runway right end
- Runway right end - no blast pad connection
- Runway straight
- Runway T cross
- Runway touch down
- Runway cross
- Stand (means small parking or aircraft turning area)
- Taxiway T cross
- Taxiway cross
- Taxiway curve
- Taxiway curve with corner (area for resting airport ground staff aside from taxiway)
- Taxiway straight

Each module has two variations - with/without the side concrete strips (in real world used to keep jet engines safe from sucking waste objects)

All objects are named.

Turntables are showing some examples of possible use (models included in extra files):
- Regional airfield
- Military airbase
- International airport