Airbus A319 Air New Zealand

by TurboSquid
This medium poly model is built near to scale and includes some exterior detail. It has animateable features including ailerons, flaps, elevators, rudder, turbines, landing gear retraction and landing gear doors. It is fully textured and comes with all materials and textures. This model is also available in more than 10 formats.The Airbus A319 is a shorter variant of the Airbus A320. It is a twin jet passenger airliner in service since the late 1980s. It is a member of the A320 family of airliners produced by Airbus and has a single aisle configuration. It is the largest aircraft family to have a single aisle arrangement. The A320 can seat from 120 to 156 passengers and operates with a crew of 6-9.These aircraft have a range of nearly 4000 miles. Over 1500 have been ordered and 1361 have been delivered. 1355 are now in operation.