Agusta Westland 109 Grand 3d model
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Agusta Westland 109 Grand

Agusta Westland 109 Grand

by TurboSquid
Last crawled date: 10 months, 3 weeks ago
High Detailed Agusta AW109 Helicopter.

-Extreme accuracy from the real model.
-Textures and materials included.
-High detailed interior.
-All parts can be edit/animated independently.
-Texture resolution can be edited.
-Centred at 0,0,0.
-The model is in Real World Scale.
-All materials and objects are named for no part confusion.
-Shaded Textures in *.JPG format.
-Animated Rotor and Openning doors.
-Model with removable interior.
-High Quality optimized mesh.
-Detailed enought for Close up renders.
-Model ready for Real Time engine.
-No overlapping faces, coincident vertex and ngons.
-Easy to be rigged.


·This model is composed by 3 Texture Maps (7500 x 7500px) Diffuse/Symmetry/Bump.
·The interior can be removed to reduce the number of polygons.

Add realism to your scene!
Ready to render.