AFV-08 Owl

by 3DWarehouse
"This thing need a pilot as crazy as itself."
-Unknown pilot
The AFV-08 Owl is the latest member of the AFV family of VTOL fighters. Designed to hold off enormous enemy assaults for long periods of time, it makes extensive use of experimental weaponry and equipment. The most noteable additions are the new cannons, the onboard AI, and the new propulsion system: the M2 Reaper autocannon it boasts was created to replace the old C4A1, like the ancient M61 Vulcan did back on Earth with other cannons. The overheating of the barrel was originally the greatest problem, but after the first experiments with a multi-barreled version showed that the firing chamber itself had a tendency to overheat after ten minutes of continuous firing, it was opted to give the gun another three firing chambers, so that when one overheats, the computer switches to the next and instantly compensates for the change. The power to operate the four deadly guns comes from the warp engines, which are still powered by the recently introduced M3 fusion core, but use a new waste energy recycling and power management system to give every system twice more power than its predecessor, thus making it possible to travel at maximum interstellar speed for a month. These systems are all governed by a sentient AI, each with a unique (but stable and sane, sometimes even more than its pilot's) personality and an enormous amount of data stored about everything, from history to movies, to keep the pilot entertained during long missions. This makes the Owl an excellent craft to fit every role: scout, fighter, bomber, bringer of hope.
Core: 4x M3 Fusion Core. Integrated in the S5 Warp Drive.
Engines: 4x S5 Warp Drive. Can be used also for conventional, sub-light movement and hovering; 2x D3 Fine Manoeuvring Thrusters.
Weapons: 4x M2 Reaper Semi-Rotateable Autocannons. 6000 RPM per cannon. Fire plasma. Can pierce up to 7000 mm (275.59 in) of Chobam armour. While locked in frontal position by default, steering can be enabled with the on-board computer, and can be reset to frontal position in less than a second; 2x M2 Torpedo Launchers, each one equippable with either 30x M1A1 Guided Torpedoes or 6x M2A1 Anti-Ship Heavy Torpedoes.
Shields: M3 Plasma Protection System. Integrated in the S5 Warp Drive.
Supplies: 1x AR-1 Watchman, 1x M2 Seeker, 2x 5l water bottles, 10x HOOAH! Bars, 10x First Strike Rations.