8 in swerve 3d model
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8 in swerve

8 in swerve

by GrabCAD
Last crawled date: 8 months ago
This is intended to be a very durable swerve drive, capable of obstacles like those in FRC games like rebound rumble and break away while maintaining a reasonably light weight. The main circle surrounding it is an aluminum lazy susan and a chain sprocket for rotation. it still needs lots of work, this is my first revision. as it stands it weighs 4.5 lbs or so each with the shafts and wheels (no gears, gearbox, motors). anyone have the CAD for this (http://www.leevalley.com/en/hardware/page.aspx?cat=3,44013&p=44014) 9 in aluminum lazy susan bearing? (i'll really need it for future iterations).