5 Japanese Stonelaterns 3d model
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5 Japanese Stonelaterns

5 Japanese Stonelaterns

by TurboSquid
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5 different types of decorated japanese stonelamps

1. MARU   latern-type: Yukimi-Gata
2203kBs, 39600Polygons, 28000vertices
The Yukimi Gata is a popular and small latern, traditionaly placed near water or pebbles areas in a smaler japanese gardens. The name means snow-view-latern.

2. MARU   latern-type: Oki-Gata
1715kBs, 31200Polygons, 21000vertices
The Oki-Gata is the smalest form of a garden latern. This type is usually placed along the ways or ponds of little gardens.

3. KATSURA latern-type: Tachi-Gata
1587kBs, 28600Polygons, 20700vertices
The typical tea-garden-latern. The Katsura is known for its Zen style.

4. TOUROU latern-type: Tachi-Gata
1075kBs, 18700Polygons, 14300vertices
The Tourou is the type of laterns you can traditionally find at the great shinto-shrines in Kyoto.

5. HACHIKARI latern-type: Ikekomi-Gata
1871kBs, 33300Polygons, 23600vertices
The Ikekomis are column laterns without a baseplate

with these 3D-Models come 1 wood and 3 ganite textures. One of lower, one of better quality and an old-looking mossy granite texture.

The textures are properly mapped only in the native 3dm and c4d files. The exact number of polygons and vertices may be altered a little in the different format files