3D Scanning Kestrel Bird - 3D Asset model
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3D Scanning Kestrel Bird - 3D Asset

3D Scanning Kestrel Bird - 3D Asset

by CG Trader
Last crawled date: 7 months ago
The pack includes a photorealistic kestrel bird for use in VFX, Games and 3D environments. This kestrel is a stuffed sample of his bird species and was photoscanned with attention for detail. The low poly variation of this asset is retopologized and clean, and ready for further processing, for example adding grooming fur. PBR textures are included and uv unwrapped. The high poly one comes from the 3D scanning process and was cleaned and prepared in Blender for the subsequent better work with that. It suitable for use in close-up's and environment scenes. Take a look at the following renderings. textures: For the low poly kestrel the PBR textures comes in 4k resolution. 3D Models included: kestrel1 (high poly): 302'611 Polys kestrel2 (low poly): 4638 Polys bird wildlife kestrel animal hawk stuffed scanning photogrammetry hunter outdoors one nature realistic animals falco tinnunculus realistic animals