2H HUMIPACKING environmental ventilation system

by GrabCAD
HUMIPACKING is a fill material for ventilation systems subject to high levels of dust and ammonia, such as in agricultural buildings. They are also suitable for reverse-flow and cross-flow applications, such as tunnel ventilation systems, and in decentralised exhaust air cleansing systems.

In animal sheds, purification performances of 70-90 % are prescribed depending on the location. GEA 2H Water Technologies packing materials fulfil these requirements and have proven their performance capabilities in hundreds of systems.

Different uses, such as chemical exhaust cleansing in cross-flow systems or biological exhaust cleansing in counter-flow systems, require specific packing materials for the application and GEA can work with the client to recommend the most suitable materials.

HUMIPACKING is made of polypropylene and is easy to clean, resistant to most chemicals, low in pressure loss and does not let in light. It is also highly resistant to clogging.