2018 Power Up Vision Robot 3d model
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2018 Power Up Vision Robot

2018 Power Up Vision Robot

by GrabCAD
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The "Vision Robot" idea started in 2017 as a redesign of FRC Team 5459's robot. Now, the vision robot is a design of the most effective and interesting (my opinion) designs of a respective FIRST Robotics Competition game, designed after the full competition season.

This robot is a scale bot with a continuous three stage elevator. Using a 4+2 drivetrain with 2 CIM gearboxes, it is geared for an ideal auto from the starting wall to the scale. The intake can flip back into the robot and over the top to place behind the robot and the individual intake arms pivot with (not added) pneumatic cylinders.

Any CAD files not displayed in the gallery are COTS parts from either AndyMark or Vex Robotics, and are not my own property. They are very useful parts that I used on the robot and are necessary for the assembly. No belts or chains are included in the model, and the pneumatic cylinders and intake pivot motor is not included in the model.