1950 IH R190

by 3DWarehouse
This is IH R190 number 56 of the County Gravel Company of Renegade, U.S.A. This truck was originally purchased in 1950 by the Renegade Township Comission, where it served for four years before it was involved in brutal winter accident. At this time the truck was deemed a total loss and sold for scrap. It was bought by its current owner, County Gravel, not long after. The front end was rebuilt by County Gravel's shops using flat sheet metal and treadplate, to make the engine more accesible in the quarry. Dispite it's rather homely look and exposed radiator, this truck went on to serve its new owner for fifty more years, althought the last twenty were almost strictly off road. The truck now usually resides in the weeds behind County Gravel's main shop, amongst other cast off equipment, althought it has been know to be taken out for parades and such in the community. Its awful hard to mistake a truck this ugly! Anyways, the truck was made by chad3006, i do not recall exactly who made the bed, but it came off a '60's dodge dumo truck. Thanks to contributors!