1942 MarkV Diving Helmet (an impression)

by Thingiverse
Don't Download: just collect or follow. Some parts still missing.
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2014-10-30: Prints of front looking glass door and protector
2014-10-24: First parts printed ..... the portholes :-)
2014-10-24: Added complete collar section
2014-10-23: Added the glas protectors on the top and side windows
2014-10-16: Added collar and flange (with help of RHMorrison for Openscad commands)
2014-10-15: Added topside overflow valve
2014-10-14: Added frontal overpressure relief base & Relief tube
Sorry: I accidentally hit the publish button. This design is not finish yet. Some parts are still missing, I am working on them. Unfortunately I don't know how to unpublished.... So please wait and follow. I will tell when ready. Thomas
Being a PADI dive instructor, I have a replica of the famous MarkV in my living room for decades. I thought it was a nice exercise to try and replicate it in OpenScad.