Jigsaw Puzzle Lamp Shade
by Thingiverse
Saw these for the first time in Thailand a couple years ago but they cost $30 for even the simplest. Now you can print your own!

Three STLs uploaded are 5cm tall, 10cm tall, and 15cm tall giving you your baby, mama, and papa lamp shades. Yeah, have fun printing 30 of those 15cm pieces! First one to do so gets a pat on the back.

Scale the parts to your liking for different sizes and piece thickness.

I also added DXF files for diversity

I finally finished printing a full set of 30 - 10cm pieces to make the sphere and found the diameter to be 18cm/ 7 inches, a little small for my liking. I'll work out the simple math soon so that you can scale accordingly, but just keep that in mind!