SuperPID Custom Speed Control Box
by GrabCAD

This model is an assembly of a custom housing for a SuperPID router speed controller for use on a CNC router or mill. I still have to figure out how I will mount the box to my router (probably to my gantry). All wires done using Solidworks routing add-in. All components have routing points built-in to part/sub-assembly.

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The assembly contains the following models found here on GrabCAD:

By Others:

Potmeter by Peter Mulkers (Peter Mulkers) - Potmeter

Toggle Switch** by Ya Plumber (Ya Plumber) - Toggle Switch

IEC Connector by Alastair Crompton (Alastair Crompton) - IEC Connector

By me:

SuperPID v2.0 Closed-loop Router Speed Controller - SuperPID v2.0 Closed-loop Router Speed Controller

Hi-Box Electronics Box - EL-AG-1318-B - Hi-Box Electronics Box - EL-AG-1318-B

Snap-in NEMA 5-15 A/C Receptacle - Snap-in NEMA 5-15 A/C Receptacle

Heat sink and potentiometer knob modeled by me but not uploaded to Grabcad (outside of this assembly).

Other parts downloaded from vendors include PG7/PG13.5 cable glands, hex standoffs, terminal fittings and all fasteners/nuts/washers from Solidworks Toolbox.

**Toggle switch modified from single to double pole. All models from others imported and modified to meet my needs for this project. All materials and appearances by me.