DJI Phantom 2 Carbon Fiber Skid Version 2
by Thingiverse
I updated this design to be stronger:
See that version for compass mount details.
You can increase camera protection by clamping or lashing 2mm (.078) carbon fiber tube across the back two legs and across the left and right two legs.
I will post more photos and the clamps later.
Those two blue things holding the antennas are sections of a drinking straw which is slit the entire length and can be removed and replaced with ease. Works great, easier than tape, and looks better. While I now wrap the compass cable around the leg, it too could get a straw as a protection cover.
There are two compass mounts. One uses the stock leg clamp and screws and the other uses just the stock screws (as seen in the photo here). Use whichever you like. In both cases, the flat side faces inboard and is parallel to the front to rear axis of the Phantom. They both must be mounted with the hole closest the the flat side toward the top of the Phantom. In the gallery pictures, the screw mount version is displayed with the bottom hole showing and the top hole is on the far side . You should fit check before gluing with CA glue. If they are upside down you will not be able to align the compass with the front to rear centerline. See the old version for more information.