Blend Swap
by Blend Swap
Here's aBlend4Web previewHi everyone,I've recently modeled a little Lowpoly modular chest from a real one that I happen to own. The model is 1 MB, there's 3 MB sounds with it.It's really a nice little thingy, but it looked mega silly in the BGE, so I scaled it up a bit. (1.4) If you want to render it in it's natural state you can scale it down again. Above is a reference PIC of the real one to give you an impresion of it's actual dimensions..That pic also shows the stuff you still have to model yourself if you want to give your scene a more realistic appearance.. Hihi ..For the BGE : the drawers are interactive, and you can stuff some things in them.. there's some defaultcubes inside a few.O, and I threw in an FPS-player set-up, so you can walk around for a bit, and some sounds... Music is fromEric Matyas, drawersound are made by me fromthis image...Cherio..