Pirelli- FIA Formula 1 P ZERO 2014 - Front Supersoft Tyres 245/660/13
by GrabCAD
Project-Pirelli- FIA Formula 1 P ZERO 2014Product Range - Front Super Soft Tyre
Software Used - Creo Parametric 2.0
Ref Courtesy -
Heriberto Maruzza F1 tyre models -(Heriberto Maruzza)

*I owe a very big thanks to Heriberto Maruzza for his models with amazing detailing which inspired me to take up this project

This model is a tiny part of my biggest dream ,so here is the first step and i ll keep it going

now on the model itself
Dry weather tyres, known as slicks, are characterised by a tread pattern that is devoid of blocks or channels. They come in four compounds: supersoft, soft, medium and hard. The different compounds mean that the tyres are well suited to a wide variety of circuits, according to the type of asphalt, the number and severity of the corners, and the top speed on the straights. This allows the teams to make use of an ample range of strategies. For each track, Pirelli – in accordance with the FIA - nominates the two dry compounds best suited to the tracks characteristics and the temperature to be expected.

P Zero™ Red Supersoft. The softest compound in the range is ideal for slow and twisty circuits, especially in cold weather, when maximum mechanical grip is needed. The supersoft benefits from an extremely rapid warm-up time, which makes it ideal in qualifying as well, but the flip side to that important characteristic is of course increased degradation. This is a low working range compound. One of the key evolutions this year has been optimisation of the footprint pressure and temperature distribution. This presents a more even contact with the asphalt, improving grip and handling.

The prt file is the original ..other are conversions
next in line are the other labeled versions and wheelrims + rear tyres