Tuondokane Project for The Bathroom Mop Challenge
by GrabCAD
Tuondokane Project - From Swahili language "The Mop"

Yeah, yeah, yeah! it is swahili :) so to recreate the atmosphere in which it was build go to this link and listen:

Design Requieremets met: 7 inch circle = 17,78 cm; Total Extended length 4 feet = 1,21 m
Refils can be changed without touching them with people´s hands.

Triangular shape for beter corner cleaning is propossed

Types of refils were considered for usage:

Benefits of this type: reusable, easy machine washable, durability = Ecofriendly.
Similar principles can be used for making the mop with other type of refils - for example outside-in principle for sponges
but similiar ideas already exist on the market, so I wanted to make something different and did not have much time to make
two types of my mop - cathching from inside to out is made - outside-in - consider like other possibility.

Maybe my design is too complicated. If equilateral triangle or circular shape is used it sould be simplified and number
of parts could be reduced. Also if the handle´s design is not cover it could be more simpl´se to make.
I showed inclined Handle for better ergonomics, but I have found that some of the casabella producs have sferrical joint
so it can be used insted of inclined.
The angle of the opening of the "clamps" could be adjusted.

I did not use traditional grey-orange pattern of casabella´s products. I found on their website new Neon type products - vwith vivid colours so I also decided to experimient.

This design is a concepts tshowing basic principles:
1. Button at the top of the handle for folding tha mop -for convinience - it does not disturb during the work and
it is protected from accidential pushing. The teeth inside can hold it well and the length of the mop can be adjusted.
I was thinking about replacing the teeth with some frinctional element - for simplified design but thought that further study
is requiered and the teeth can hold withtand more heavy loads and with time frictional elements do not hold so good as when they were new.

2. Handle lever - push the lever it will unfix the rod and then just pull it for opening and for changing the refils.

3. Three Triangular parts that are opened after pulling the rod. Refils are placed and then push the rod into initial position and
it theese parts will pressure the refils to the flate plate cover - shaping them and preventing from slipping.
Simple user expierence. Easy to operate.

Updated 24 aug 2014: I was not really satisfied with first version, it is looked like ugly duck in the family of my projects so I decided to make it look bette. Most of the parts were revised and better renderings were added. Now you can compare the old one version (blue-red-white) with the new one (black and orange). Leave your comments.

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