by GrabCAD
project made with technologies of production of sheet bending and welding, the plastic panels are made with the earlier technology thermoformed

on the plates and the solution was implemented weld nuts in order to facilitate the assembly

all the components are replaceable with each other
the drawer has an opening system with electric lock derived from the automotive industry that does open the drawer
to command and pushes it forward for a length of about 150 mm with a maximum capacity of 50 kg

maximum capacity of the drawer adding 20kg weight begins to deform the sheet metal

security that does not fit the package in the cassette and comprises a cradle that upon contact with the
pack too big raises the plan that mechanically touches two micro switches
taking steps that are not azzionare closing autoatica drawer

CAD model in all the sheet metal parts are built to be developed and generate the file laser cutting
plastics have 3 degrees of extraction for the thermoforming mold

delmodello within each there are all the necessary hardware (screws, bolts, etc ...)

the closet and built form so as to be supported and attached to a copy of it to the side

WIP incoming render other antigen-presenting

models of the standard components are represented only by example,
for the construction project will have adapted components of habitual use of stock

strengths of the project:
standard components readily available on the market
low costs
facilitated construction
maximum possibility of assembling the parts
production techniques commonly used in any industry