Casabella bathroom mob
by GrabCAD
The style has been designed to match elements from the current casabella product range.

The disposable cloth is mounted with a snapping gripper. the gripper is fixed bij a snapper and is mounted with and active film hinge. the hinge efectively has its own force to open or close the gripper. This has the advantage that the entire top shell can be made from one part.
The double hinging system at the mop and the low profile design allows an easy maneuvarability. The alluminum tube has an twelve siddes edge to carry more momentum down to the mop from the hand and the ergonomic handle allows a more stable use.
After cleaning the tube can be removed from the mob and the mob can also be used by hand. When the mob is stored the tube can be folded and a mounting pin in the middle can be used to secure the mob to the tube. This minimizes storage space.

main parts:
PU foam at the bottom
A shell and gripper mob made from PP (this material allows a active film hinge)
The residual injection molded parts are made from ABS to increase the stifness.
the tubbes are extruded alluminum