NFC/Mag Reader (Blackboard)
by GrabCAD
This design tries to fulfill every exposed requirement, trying to improve each field. Its highlights are:
• Its portability: The case is as small as it could be possible and yet easy to assemble even with multi wire cable. It’s overall dimensions are 60 x 117 x 20 mm (2.37” x 4.6” x 0.8”). So it uses less material; reducing material costs, less space; making it easier to transport or handle.
• Its flexibility: The mag stripe reader and slot has a +/-50 degrees of freedom so it is easier to swipe on most situations from multiple heights (since it can be docked on walls or be placed on tables) as its not fixed it can take less space on a bag or a pocket.
• Modern design: The simple yet modern design will not be unnoticed. It has a slight curve to make it more ergonomic. Most of the parts can be injection molded and doesn’t need a lot of tooling. The electronics are easy to place. The battery is easy to install or replace without any tools at all. The color for the reader is to make it blend in any environment without disturbing it. The PCB is the same overall size, although its components were moved so it doesn’t obstruct the placement pillars.
• Easy to use: It has only 3 buttons to add functions by long pressing or multiple pressing. The power button is a long press to turn on and off, and with a double push it might activate its sleep mode, the battery button will show the current charge of the battery in its LED indicator. Finally the Bluetooth will activate/deactivate this feature saving battery in case the device is paired through USB. These buttons are exposed on the side so the user doesn’t “get curious” and turn it off accidentally, the stand is made to cover these buttons completely since most of the buttons won’t be used too often.
• Easy to understand: The only indicators it has are: Power, Battery, Bluetooth, Payment Accepted or Rejected and sound. Since it is a Battery powered device the LED’s shouldn’t be powered at the whole time so the suggested scheme is: Power will only illuminate when turned on or off it will remain steady 10 seconds if turned on and it will turn and fade out just before being turned off with a long press of the button. The Battery indicator will only light its tri color LED when its button is pressed (Green > 50%, Yellow > 20%, blinking Red < 20%) or when the battery is critical < 5%. The Bluetooth light will blink slowly until it’s paired, after that it will blink every 15 seconds. The accepted payment will only turn on for a second, while the rejected one will blink constantly for 3 seconds. Sounds will be played every time one of these indicators change of state, for example play a turn on button, a faded turn off button, a quick alarm when the battery changes to low and another one when its critically low, finally a simple beep in case of an accepted payment or ID or an alarm in case its rejected.
The dock has similar characteristics to the reader itself making it able to be placed on a desk with an inclination with help of its supporting legs that have rubber on their ends to avoid it from slipping. It has mounting holes to be wall mounted and also a 180 degree charging port to disguise or support multiple angles for the charging cable (micro USB), the reader slides till its fixed on the stand.