Hawker Siddeley Trident 2E - Template
by 3DWarehouse
I shortend the 3B to make a basic trident 1/2 fuselarge :D

The Hawker Siddeley Trident 2E was an updated version of the Trident 1E, itself an updated version of the trident 1.
The 2E had a new Triplex autoland system installed and a larger wing (the same size as the later Trident 3B).
More trident 2E's were built than any other trident varient (50 compared to 28 trident 3's and 35 for the Trident 1 series).

BEA had decided that the Trident was now too short-legged for its ever-expanding routes, and that an even longer-ranged version was needed. Hawker-Siddeley responded with another upgrade as the Trident 1F. It would have the Spey 511 engines, a gross weight of 132,000 lb (60,000 kg) and up to 128 seats in the original five-abreast configuration. BEA planned to buy 10 1Fs, plus an option for 14 further aircraft.
As work continued on the 1F the changes became so widespread that it was renamed the Trident 2E, E for Extended Range. Now powered by newer Spey 512s with 11,930 lbf (53.1 kN) thrust, it also replaced wing leading-edge droops with slats, and extended the span with Küchemann-style tips.

BEA bought 15, two were bought by Cyprus Airways and 33 by CAAC, the Chinese national airline. The first flight of this version was made on 27 July 1967 and it entered service with BEA in April 1968.

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